The Undying Significance of Custom Challenge Coins to People

Challenge coins are the top souvenir collectable in the United States particularly among those who have served and are serving the armed forces. All units are using these coins in order to represent their commitment as loyal servers of the country. Carrying a coin in fact boosts someone’s’ confidence and courage. So if you are one of those who want to know the value of custom challenge coins, then you’re on the right site.

Traditionally, officers have these coins to provide on-the-spot recognition or award to team members who have performed well. Since the early days, coins are carried by members to show loyalty and commitment to their service. Soldiers back then are carrying their coins to ensure that people will recognize them especially in war situations. One can identify a comrade by presenting the coin. It can even save one’s life just like the official during the World War I who is suppose to be executed at the time and after showing his coin, he was freed from his own death.

Where It All Started


The first coins used in the early times are made of nickel and bright silver. The sizes and styles differ but all are used to represent organizations. Up to date, the advancement of manufacturing methods of coins has helped people to easily obtain what they need in a matter of one day. You can choose your preferred texture, finish, color, and design to match your company or organization’s image. However, there are lots of companies offering such service so you need to pick the most reliable one to enjoy greater savings.

custom challenge coinsOur custom challenge coins are made of quality materials and designs that are unique and special. You can even send us your own design so that our team of coin makes can take care of the production and give you the exact number of coins you need. Service and commitment is what these coins symbolize and we make this business with excellent service our customers deserve. We are in fact committed to provide the market with lasting coins with ultimate value to be proud of.

What Makes Challenge Coins Valuable


Honoring people with their service and sacrifice just to perform their duties, military coins are never fading. With the custom challenge coins manufactured by many companies today, the value of these items only grows through the years. In fact, many heroes who have died during the war are honored with special coins. They deserved to be revered and looked up to by the new officials of the armed forces. This tradition is undying and will surely continue in the industry long as people live.

Let us help you obtain custom challenge coins that are suitable to your needs. We always strive to meet the exact needs and expectations of our customers so we continue to develop better methods to manufacture quality coins. Support your members and carry something that proudly symbolizes your commitment and unity through precious coins.

Where to Find Top Quality Coins Online


The custom coins that we make from the idea of challenge coins have been so useful to our customers. In fact, they repeatedly order coins from us whenever they have trade shows, corporate events and other activities that require precious souvenirs to give to participants. It’s like honoring your members and participants for the time and effort they have shared with you. Together, you build something that cannot be eared by time no matter how time ages in years.

So now, we are thanking you in advance for visiting our site and we do hope that we can do something for you. Please let us know if you need our help and we will immediately get in touch with you. Create lasting memories in your organization through challenges coins that hold everlasting worth. For more details regarding our products and services, our customer service hotline is open for questions and other related concerns.

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coinsYou can choose your preferred texture, finish, color, and design to match your company or organization’s image. So if you are one of those who want to know the value of custom challenge coins, then you’re on the right site.

Title: An Ode To Lanyards

In the Billy Collins poem “The Lanyard”, a man recalls making a lanyard as a little boy for his mother. In his own words, he never saw anyone use or wear one, and his recollection of the event is rueful of the piddling gesture. If only you could jump inside the poem and reassure this melancholy figure that, yes, lanyards are pleasing both in form and in function.
The term lanyard comes from the French “Lanière”, a word for the strap military men used to secure swords to their persons. The term also came to refer to the ignition mechanism for cannons and certain pieces of ship rigging.
Eventually, officers began to incorporate the lanyard into their formal dress, where ornately braided strands of hemp or silk looped outwards from the shoulders.

Most Common Uses Of Lanyards Are:

Soon after World War II, America saw lanyard making become a children’s pastime, both indoors and out. As “The Lanyard” intimates to us, you didn’t expect any sort of practical dividend from what you made—they were handicrafts to express and amuse yourself.
Today, lanyards combine self-expression and practicality, and you can make them yourself, buy them, or have them made en masse at surprisingly low cost. Students, employees and medical professionals use them so they don’t have to dig their IDs out of their pockets. Construction workers and outdoor enthusiasts rely on them by to hold their gear and to fix themselves on precarious perches, though you will also find outdoors men and women who use them to secure pets in their backpacks.
logo LanyardsElectronic devices like phones and cameras will usually come with lanyard hooks, and water bottles, flashlights and other round-handled objects can be secured to your waist with special ring attachments.
A modern lanyard will often come with custom imprints that advertise the wearer’s school, sports team or country: Shamrock lanyards, for example, come in bright Irish green.
A homemade lanyard requires separate pieces of string, preferably lanyard string, and optionally a ring to help tie the initial knot. Then begins a long, steady process of weaving and braiding the strands into a single rope. Depending on the type of braid, every inch of lanyard produced might require up to a foot of string.
Even if you don’t have a great deal of manual dexterity, sufficient patience will see you through the process. If you are unwilling to invest time but still want a lanyard to call your own, you can turn to companies that offer custom imprint lanyards.
Available for perusal and order over the internet, their products will likely be either polyester or nylon, though silk is sometimes used as well. Blank ones are usually on offer for when you just need something to hang your phone or flash drive from.
If you want something with your school’s name or your company’ logo, you can specify which imprinting method you want to use. Hot stamping is one of the cheaper options, and it is especially suitable for event organizers who want to give away merchandise that features their image, brand or company name. Heat is applied to a thin film, which transfers the color onto the lanyard.
Screen printing requires more effort and relies on pressing the ink through a fine gauze of material onto each lanyard, which will come out with a longer lasting imprint than if it were hot stamped. A woven lanyard uses a different colored strand to stitch the design.
Dye sublimation imprints last the longest: color seeps into a base of white polyester and infuses the lanyard from the inside out.
Lanyards are intricate, yet the final products are pleasantly unassuming whether bare or embossed. They are a practical jewelry, or if you like, wearable poetry.

Lanyards offers best quality lanyards at affordable prices.We have the finest customer service staff in the industry and our prices, service and quality are unbeatable.

Three major considerations you need to think of in buying Custom pins

Custom pins


When you buy new things whether it’s for your personal use or for other people, important considerations must be observed prior to purchasing. Taking the time to think of the factors or components that needs to be carefully look at is as important as having the product. This is especially true when you are going to buy things that have important purposes. And this is applicable when you are buying custom pins.


Today, pins have ingenious uses. Their functionality and versatility makes them the first choice of many organizations, companies, and businesses. So, if you intend to buy pins for your own use then you must carefully look at these four important factors before you make a purchase.


Imprinting Method


Whether you are buying custom pins for promotional purposes or , know that you can decide on the imprinting method for the lanyards. Imprinting method is about how the logo and words be imprinted on the lard. Know that the type of imprinting method affects both the price and the quality of the imprint on the pin. Imprinting method is considered a major factor in buying as it can affect the materials and the pricing of your order.


So, if you choose the more high-tech method, you should expect a more expensive pricing.


There are four basic imprinting processes you can choose from when ordering pins and they are as follows:


Cloisonné Pins


This process of creating pins is considered as the traditional and top of line among other processes. Soft enamel can be used to create pins using this process but hard enamel can also be considered, although the latter is more expensive. Pins created using this process appear to be jewelry like, scratch resistant, and can have multiple colors. Cloisonné pins are oven baked and manual labor is needed to create the colors on the metal. The most appropriate base material for this process is copper.


Dye Struck


If you want to have 3D custom pins then this process would likely do the job. Dye struck pins also appear jewelry-like and can come at competitive prices. Unlike cloisonné process, this process can provide greater options for you since you can add some finishing touches on the pins. It means you can play with the colors you want and choose the finishing techniques to add a sophisticated look to the pin.


Screen printing


This process is the newest process in creating a custom pin. Compared to the other processes, screen printing requires lesser labor work and no engraving can be felt on the pin. The pin is also lighter as the colors are ‘printed’ on the metal and the colors are of high quality. This process is recommended for pins that have designs that are more intricate and requires a blast of colors.


Photo etched pins


Among the process, this process is the most inexpensive but can be modified with more color and blinking lights. Sport events usually sell this type of pins for the fans to buy. Pins created in this process are lightweight, requires low production method and has low minimum quantity of orders.




It is obviously wise that when you buy custom pins, you must consider the cost or pricing of the order. Online pin manufacturers can provide free quoting so you’ll know how much your desired pin design would cost you. Although materials and imprinting process must be considered carefully, the cost of the pins can greatly affect your decision. However, if your main consideration is the durability and quality of the product then the cost can be the least of your concern.




When you decide to buy custom pins, whether it’s online or on brick-and-mortar stores, always consider the size of the pin. Know that pins can come in many sizes. They can be small or bigger depending on your taste and needs. Stores create pins according to the size that you want them but know that sizes also affect the pricing.




The number of pins that you want to purchase can affect the pricing of the whole order. Most online stores offer discounts for bulk orders.


When you buy custom pins, take note of these major considerations to avoid miscommunication with the manufacturer. Knowing these can help you get the pins that you want and have them just according to how you like them.